Noble Horse Gallery was founded in 2007 in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Inspired by the Manhattan Saddlery in New York, our store uniquely offered the equestrian lifestyle to the urban dweller with art, home furnishings, apparel, gifts and accessories. After initial great success and then a little less success with the downfall of the economy, we relocated our store to our beautiful Wildwood Farm on Whidbey Island in 2012, where we converted a 20-stall barn to our lovely showroom. Complete with plank floors and pine walls, a fire-burning stove for warmth in the winter and surrounded by the resident horses, our show room combines the looks of the modern equestrian scene with our historical equine heritage.

Acknowledgement of one’s passion is the best demonstration of love and friendship, no matter the details as long as you recognize the muse. Remind someone of the beauty you see. Share breathtaking finds that you know will rock their world. Validate their love of the horse and this unique lifestyle while reminding them of how special you are in their life.

Surrounding ourselves with things that bring us joy makes a house into a home. Celebrate your passion, define your style and be inspired every day. Create your own traditions. Keep what you love around you. Create an oasis that is uniquely yours.

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There was a time when things were less complicated, when personal style and tradition were on the cusp of innovation; a time when Equestrian pursuits were a society given and high fashion celebrated the tailored, feminine appeal of the riding habit. Elegance was defined and brought current throughout the decades with inspirational collections and pieces that kept this lifestyle alive. Polished collectibles as Icons of tradition. Vibrant tweeds and plaids adding definition. Your timeless style incorporated into modern day, reaching into the past to create a future.

You are the epitome of The Urban Equestrian with the perfect vibe of City chic and graceful equestrian style. Confident and focused, you have the crisp, tailored look of the rider and relish the competitive habitat of the corporate world. You build your foundation with tradition, but love to mix it up to keep things interesting; you are bold and unapologetic and carry the love of Equestrian pursuits with you everywhere you go.

The stable is where all the magic happens, the home of our beloved horses and our tribe; time stands still. We breathe in the scents of fresh grass, pine shavings, baled hay and that indescribable, transformational smell of horse. This is our sanctuary, our alternative universe that we create to care for that which we love and challenge ourselves to learn and grow, moving ever-toward being the person we promised ourselves we would be.

A stressful week is coming to an end and you can’t wait to escape the noise and high-octane energy of the city. Leaving the skyscrapers and urban streets behind you find the perfect country road that unwinds with you. Warm vanilla pine, sweet honey clover and summer grasses fill the air. You have arrived. Time slows down. Casual mornings blend into limitless spaces of time and sunshine and soft breezes. Maybe a quiet afternoon hack in the woods or a romantic picnic by the pond. This is your time to revive, refresh and reenergize surrounded by nature, friends, star-filled nights…and horses.

Yes, you can get up close and personal with the resident horses! It takes a special horse to become a teacher, a gentle soul that honors humanity and seeks to help and educate. Our school horses are individually selected for not only their training and disposition, but willingness to help their riders on the journey. From educational instruction to relaxing trail rides through the vast property; from memory-making summer camps to one-on-one grooming sessions, our horses are here for you no matter the level of interaction you crave.

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